Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author specialising in cyber-security and digital counter-surveillance. He is the author of lots of books.

With over 30 years’ experience in journalism, Alan has written for Time magazine, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph and others, in addition to Sky News and various BBC outlets.

He has covered conflicts from the Khmer Rouge to the Taliban and was injured covering the fall of Kabul in 1996 while working as the BBC’s Afghanistan Correspondent.

For several years he edited the International Press Institute’s “World Press Freedom Review”.

Alan specialises in training media professionals in all aspects of cyber-security and digital counter-surveillance.


Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of all time. He is driven to right the wrongs of the world. It is only natural that he should turn his attention to the Internet.

“The Internet has become a sinister and dangerous place – a grotesque parody of all that it originally promised,” explains Holmes. “Open your eyes, Watson. We are living in a postmodern surveillance dystopia from which escape for all but the most skilled individuals is impossible.”

Luckily, Holmes has all the right answers. This is a cyber-security and digital counter-surveillance handbook like no other.

This is a Call to Arms. The time has come to reclaim the Internet from the commercial interests, the scammers and the surveillance state. And – as Sherlock Holmes clearly demonstrates – it is really simplicity itself.

“This book may only take a few hours to read but it will change your life”.

THE smartphone in your pocket can easily be turned into a high-tech spy tool and counter-surveillance device to rival anything that Ian Fleming’s Q might have dreamt up. 

You can communicate secretly, browse the web anonymously, access the Deep Web and hidden networks, view banned content, download privately and continue using Twitter and Facebook if their services are ever blocked locally.

Conversely, mobile devices are not secure unless you make them so. If somebody wants to know where you are at this precise moment, your smartphone will tell them – even if it is turned off.

Rather like spies in a James Bond movie, mobile users have an array of digital tools to call upon, both to mask their identity and to provide real confidence that their correspondence, data and contacts are secure.

“Mind Blowing!”

“The coolest thing ever!”

“Super Smart!”


THE story of the men and women who rescued an army and turned the tide of the Second World War.

For the first time, journalist and best-selling author Alan Pearce tells the incredible story of personal sacrifice and bravery both on the home front and in the front line.

Drawing on personal accounts and official histories, he dispels the common myths and gives a harrowing perspective of a great defeat and subsequent miracle seen through the eyes of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

“A story with the power to lift the human spirit”

“Moving, tragic, gut-wrenching and uplifting”

“For anyone wishing to get the boots on the sand feel of the place, get this book”

“Simply Wow!”

Alan (aka Conrad Jaeger) gives talks and master classes all around the world.
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