Gun Ownership and Shooting in France
An Illustrated Practical How-to Guide v2
By Alan Pearce

Everything you need to know to own firearms or take up shooting as a hobby in France is contained in this short but practical illustrated how-to guide. Details on how to join the three main sports federations – Tir, Ball Trap and Chasse. Plus sections on buying arms in France, storage and transport, cleaning and maintenance, and making your own ammunition, together with links to important documents and websites. A must for every potential gun owner in France.


1. Why Guns?
2. Gun Ownership in France is Easy
3. On The Range – Fédération Française de Tir
4. Le Stand - Fédération Française de Ball-Trap
5. La Chasse - Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs
6. Weapons Types
7. Buying Firearms in France
8. Best Buys
9. Other Kit
10. Storing and Travelling Securely
11. Cleaning & Maintenance
12. Reloading - Making Your Own Ammo
13. Document Downloads & Links

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© Alan Pearce August 2011