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Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author specializing in cyber-security and counter-surveillance and is the author of “Deep Web for Journalists: Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search”.

Alan is available as a guest speaker, consultant on cyber-security issues, and for master classes.

With over 30 years’ experience in journalism, Alan has written for Time magazine, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph and others, in addition to Sky News and various BBC outlets.

He has covered conflicts from the Khmer Rouge to the Taliban and was injured covering the fall of Kabul in 1996 while working as the BBC’s Afghanistan Correspondent.

For several years he edited the International Press Institute’s “World Press Freedom Review”.

Email Alan: books[at]alanpearce.com

Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search

“Compelling reading for all journalists” – Jim Boumelha, President,
International Federation of Journalists.

Journalism has been transformed by the Internet and the Internet has opened journalists to levels of surveillance that would have horrified George Orwell.

Intelligence agencies and law enforcement want access to your notes, contacts and sources. They watch everything you do online. They know who you talk to, where you go and what you read. They can even predict your future movements.

And they want to know about your next story long before you type the last full-stop.

Journalists are prime targets in cyber-space – the emerging battleground – targets in the sights of “democratic” governments and not just those of the repressive regimes.

The Internet may be an amazing tool. But, if we don’t learn to master it, it may be the end of us all.

Because if a journalist can’t offer confidentiality, then that journalist is compromised. And then what future our profession?

 "This book is an essential tool for all journalists and its timely publication will be welcomed in media circles" – Beth Costa, IFJ General Secretary.



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Thegooglequestions-ds-jThere is something very wrong with the War on Terror.
There is something even stranger happening with the economy.
But if you type the right questions into Google you get the right answers.

These are The Google Questions.

“The ebook revolution has come of age. This is a truly interactive novel. It’s very, very clever and very, very unsettling” - Indie Ebook Review

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The British may define themselves with the words ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ yet remarkably this is the first novel to tell the full true story of the evacuation in the early months of the Second World War. For the first time, journalist and best-selling author Alan Pearce tells the incredible story of personal sacrifice and bravery both on the home front and in the front line. Drawing on personal accounts and official histories, he dispels the common myths and gives a harrowing perspective of a great defeat and subsequent miracle seen through the eyes of ordinary people in extraordinary times. Heart-warming and compelling, this is a book that raises the spirits, and begs the question could we ever do it again?   Read the Reviews.


We no longer face the perils of the Donkey Derby, the danger of Christmas tinsel or risk ‘trip hazards’ from our own doormats. The State has stepped in to keep us all safe from harm. We no longer fear banging our heads on hanging baskets. We don’t have to chance our luck dancing on hard-wood floors. We have a watchful government on the look-out for health and safety ‘crimes’. But we must be prepared to sacrifice our traditional way of life and our age-old pastimes. Wave goodbye to the summer fete, and the May Queen, and ice cream toppings that may leave you quadriplegic. Say hello to the slip-free, risk assessed, cotton wool world of Britain in the 21st century.


pisJacket-002-dsjImagine a world where you were banned from baking your granny a cake or feeding your child toast. Welcome to Britain in the 21st century where the Job’s Worth now lords it large, issuing edicts of mind-boggling stupidity that ruin the quality of people’s lives all in the name of health and safety. We now live in a world where council workmen legally vandalise the graves of people’s loved ones and where wellington boots come with a 24-page instruction manual. There is virtually no area of our lives left untouched by the Health & Safety Brigade, a group that has banned even more commonplace activities than the Taliban.


“WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? How Big Brother Government is Ruining Britain”WSATO-bbj
What on earth have we been thinking? We claim to live in a democracy and yet we let the government walk all over us. Tough anti-terror laws ensure ‘bin criminals’ and school catchment cheats are punished while on-the-spot fines keep us all in line. These days we need police approval to protest and may soon need permission to leave the country. Best-selling author and journalist Alan Pearce guides us through a tsunami of shocking new laws and stupendously mad regulations that do nothing to improve our lives but which leave us asking “Whose side are they on?”



Alan was a recent speaker at:

26 October 2015: Moderator & Speaker Eurovision 10th News Assembly, Berlin

6 November 2014: Speaker Emerce Eday, Amsterdam

31 October 2014: Speaker TEDx Brighton


7 June 2014: Speaker at the N3 Media Conference 2014, Hong Kong, co-organized by the Asia chapter of the Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA) and the Journalism & Media Studies Centre @ HKU.

25 April 2014: Moderator & Speaker,
War of Words – Free Speech v Hate Speech. International Conference on Media, Armed Conflict and Incitement to Violence, Brussels.Organised by the IFJ.

10-12 March 2014: Keynote speaker at the 2014 East-West Center International Media Conference Challenges of a Free Press, Yangon, Myanmar. Includes a master class.

24-26 November 2013: Speaker at the Arab Free Press Forum, Tunis. Including a master class

15-16 November 2013: Keynote speaker at the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ) Conference on Investigative Reporting in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Including a master class..

6 November 2013: The World After Snowden- a Dana Event at the London Science Museum.

8-9 October 2013 International Newsroom Summit in Berlin, organised by the World Association of Newspaper and News Publishers.


To book Alan as a speaker or to organise a master class, please email


Email Alan: books[at]alanpearce.com

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